BOOKS MATTER: Changing the World Through Literature


How to use literature in your classroom to spark discussion, passion, and positive action!

February 4, 2016, 9:45am-11:15am, in Milwaukee at the Wisconsin Center

WSRAThe Wisconsin State Reading Association Conference will  host BRIDGET BIRDSALL, Author, Speaker, and Teacher, Madison School District and MIRANDA PAUL, Author, Green Bay School District

Especially recommended for 6-12 Classroom Teachers, Coaches, GT Teachers, Library/Media Specialists, School Psychologists. (Addresses Wisconsin Standards: T1, T2, A1, A2, A3)

Mutiple Award Winning Book

Bridget and Miranda will inspire educators to leverage the power of stories beyond their classroom walls.

Discover how a picture book about women in Gambia has chronicled a large-scale environmental movement

How a Young Adult novel about an intersex teen athlete has saved readers’ lives

How educators can use books to spark discussion, passion, and action!



 The Art and Science of Being YOU! April 12, 2016, keynote UW Whitewater

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Great-Event!-holy-wisdom-monasteryWriting as a Spiritual Practice / Holy Wisdom Monastary

Friday January 29, 2016@ 9:30 am – 3:30 pm. A day of deepening into your own body, mind and soul, though the transformative power of words.

Everyone is welcome!

Writing as Spiritual Practice is a contemplative learning experience in which participants are invited to enter into their own inner world, to create a sacred space conducive to inner play, to cultivate imagination, to share their stories, and to experience the power of words to heal and transform.

Together we will build skills of deep, meditative listening to self and others. We will explore writing as a reflective, healing, and spiritual practice.

No writing experience is needed. Simply wear comfortable clothes, bring a pen or pencil, a notebook of blank paper, and an intention to listen deeply and write responsively. Lunch is included.

Bridget Birdsall believes that one of the most effective ways to cultivate connection, empathy, and understanding, perhaps even manifest peace on our planet, is through sharing our stories. Words, she says, are containers of human consciousness and when we learn to harness their innate power, words can transform our lives.

$96, includes lunch

Room 10, lower level Retreat & Guest House at Holy Wisdom Monastery

Register by January 15, 2016. There is a 50% refund until the registration deadline, no refund after the registration deadline.

Register online or
Download registration form and return it to:
Retreats • Holy Wisdom Monastery • 4200 County Road M, Middleton, WI 53562

Rainbow-Intersex-YA Literature-Double Exposure-Faking It- AuthorMilwaukee Book Talk

Saturday Nov, 28, 7 pm Contact: FORGE

Hometown Author, Bridget Birdsall discusses her award-winning book.

Double Exposure, set in Milwaukee, an intersex/ transitioning teen  overcomes bullying.

FORGE of Milwaukee is Sponsoring this Reading and Book Talk

Program Description:

Bridget Birdsall believes books save lives. In 2012, after relentlessly being bullied for being “different,” Bridget’s nephew took his life. Since that time, Bridget has been empowering people, especially young people, through the transformative power of words.

When those of us who do not “fit” into the typical societal, religious or familial boxes begin to share our stories: WATCH OUT! Not only do we support one another, but the world as we know it, may actually change. This is because sharing our stories heals our lives, our communities and our world. Bridget wants you to know that YOU MATTER, your stories matter, no matter who you are or how “different” you feel.

Using her award-winning novel Double Exposure, Bridget seeks to uplift, inspire, and empower all LGBTQIAA identifying people to stand proudly in who they are and to help us all write a new narrative!

Keynote Bridget Birdsall at Mt.Mary UniversityMt. Mary University’s Publishing Institute

Please join me…

KEYNOTE & FREE EVENT: Friday, Sept. 25th, 7pm.

How Self-Publishing Helped Me Find an Agent and Heal My Soul!

Then come back for the day long conference and other excellent offerings.

September 25 & 26, 2015 at Mt. Mary University in Wauwatosa, WI.

Sponsored by the Master of Arts English Program–Join fellow writers for a day-long event exploring the many facets of publishing. Learn more about query letters, custom publishing, writing communities and landing your first book deal. Plus, practice pitching your project to an agent.

Learn more and sign up at:

Contact: or 414-258-4810 ext. 395

1stPlaceWinning Children's Author Bridget Birdsall Reads at the Wisconsin Book Festival 2015Wisconsin Book Festival! Bridget Birdsall's "Double Exposure" a Multiple Award Winning BOOK

Celebrate Wisconsin Writers and Their Books

2015 CWW Winners Reading

Council of Wisconsin Writers

10/24/2015 – 12:00pm

Room of One’s Own

Each year for the past 50 years, the Council for Wisconsin Writers has been honoring the best work published by writers from Wisconsin. This years winners are being honored with prestigious prizes outside of our state as well, including a Pushcart winner and an Independent Book of the Year Award.  They represent a variety of literary genres including poetry, memoir, and young adult fiction. These talented authors display the vitality and breadth of writing happening in Wisconsin.

Writer as Shaman: Transformational Fall Weekend Workshop 

Author Bridget Birdsall Great Anti-bully book Double Exposure Talks More About the Writer as Shaman

Friday Oct. 30-Nov 1,  2015, at the Christine Center

The Christine Center is nestled in 125 acres of tranquil woodlands in north central Wisconsin, two miles from Willard, one hour south east of Eau Claire, three hours from Minneapolis & Madison, four hours from Milwaukee and five hours from Chicago.

Writer as Shaman is a unique experiential contemplative learning opportunity for writers of all levels who long to transcend the world of everyday realities and immerse themselves in the mystical worlds of their muses. This workshop is about learning to let go and delving deeply into our inner worlds in order to access our own deep resources, especially those hidden from our conscious awareness. It is about creating a sacred space conducive to inner play, it’s about cultivating our imaginations and sharing our stories. Most importantly, it is about accessing the power of words to transform our lives. A lofty, but attainable goal, only you can prove to yourself.

If you feel called, please join us. Together, we will take ourselves out of ordinary time and leave our computers behind. All you need is your journal and an open mind. Consider setting intentions to write into your own healing, wholeness, vision, or future—the stories you take away will be the stories only you can tell. (More below…)

To register: (Spiritual Wellness & Retreat Center)

Address: W8303 Mann Rd, Willard, WI 5449Fabulous Writing Classes

Phone:(715) 267-7507

$150 plus food and lodging

What is a Shaman? In healing traditions Shamans are the intermediaries between the human and the spiritual worlds. They are the original tribal healers. Historically they considered the medicine men and women in indigenousness cultures. To treat ailments, to plumb personal mysteries, to explore the hidden caves of our unconsciousness the Shaman travels to other dimensions and identifies imbalances in a person’s soul.

By bringing awareness to our vulnerable truths, personal myths, imprisoned emotions, secret passions, obsessions, illusions and fears, healing occurs organically, and the soul is brought back into balance. In essence, the energetic balance proceeds the physical, emotional or spiritual healing.

How Can a Writer Be a Shaman? Today’s contemplative writing practices can be used to help individuals access their own inner Shaman, higher Source, personal power, energy, and sacred resources, especially those hidden from conscious awareness. Through meditative, contemplative, and experiential writing exercises it is possible to open windows to your own soul stories. With proper alignment of intention, vision, any writer of any age can leverage this tremendous transformational energy. This is where you can dare to dream. This is where you can manifest your own redemptive ending!

Does My Story Matter? Everyone has a story and everyone’s story matters because everyone matters. In fact the truth is there is no one on this planet exactly like YOU. Even if you are an identical twin, you have a combination of molecules and atoms and gifts to offer the world that only YOU can share. And the stories we tell ourselves about who we are, why we are here, and where we are going, will determine if we live a life drenched in misery or a life where we leverage the spiritual laws of intention to tap into our personal power and manifest our dreams.

We all have the potential to heal our lives. Isn’t it true that if you don’t like you’re story only YOU have the power to rewrite it? Here is the good news, no matter how young or old you are–it is never too late or too early to live the life you’ve imagine. Creative power is your Divine Inheritance. Anything is possible in the world of words!

Let’s get started!

The Watershedcropped-dsc09911.jpg

Supporting Madison’s Literary Community, this group is just finding it’s legs, so if you are looking for a supportive writing community please  join us on Tuesday evenings from 6-8, at 911 Williamson Street at A PLACE TO BE

A classic young adult novel about and intersex teen athlete.

Beyond Uncertainty: Creating and Writing Your Vision!

In the Bubbler Room in Madison’s amazing Central Library 

To register:

A class for those willing to imagine the most impossible—possibilities!

Let what is unconsciousness within you guide what is conscious within you.

In quantum mechanics there is theory called the Uncertainty Principle; it means the more closely one pins something down, such as a measurement or goal, the less precise another measurement or goal becomes.

Visioning is a tremendously powerful personal tool. When we know what we want, our chances of manifesting it are far greater. Knowledge is power.

Class size is limited. Classes are taught in  succession so for the fullest experience, please plan to attend all sessions. Join us, and discover what it is you may not know about what is possible in your life, and in our world.

Unity Church a sermon on the power of words to harm or heal

In the Beginning was the Word

Please Join Me at Unity Church of Madison on Sunday, April 19th, 2015

at the 8:30 or 10:30 am. 

For more info:

I’m thrilled to be a guest minister at Unity Church of Madison, where I will speak to the power of words to harm or heal our lives.

Prayer Works & the Power of Words

Beginning with the work of Earnest Holmes, one of the founders of the “New Thought Movement,” I will speak to the transformational power of thoughts and words. I believe we co-create our life stories, and we can rewrite them, too! The Unity teachings of “affirmative” prayer, can guide our thoughts, words and actions, helping us find our soul purpose and our joy.

To learn more about Unity, where I sometimes find myself on Sunday mornings, check out their website above.