Writing as a Spiritual Practice

A day of deepening into your own body, mind and soul, though the transformative power of words.

Everyone is welcome!

Writing as Spiritual Practice is a contemplative learning experience in which participants are invited to enter into their own inner world, to create a sacred space conducive to inner play, to cultivate imagination, to share their stories, and to experience the power of words to heal and transform.

Together we will build skills of deep, meditative listening to self and others. We will explore writing as a reflective, healing, and spiritual practice.

No writing experience is needed. Simply wear comfortable clothes, bring a pen or pencil, a notebook of blank paper, and an intention to listen deeply and write responsively. Lunch is included.

Bridget Birdsall believes that one of the most effective ways to cultivate connection, empathy, and understanding, perhaps even manifest peace on our planet, is through sharing our stories. Words, she says, are containers of human consciousness and when we learn to harness their innate power, words can transform our lives.