Wisconsins Tonight TV show interview with Bridget about Double Exposure and Bullying

“Double Exposure” speaks of bullying, basketball and being yourself

(Hit this link to see TV interview, current news and how it relates to Birdsall’s anti bully book, Double Exposurehttp://ow.ly/Is9ld)

By Rachael Glaszcz. CREATED Jan 30, 2015

Bridget Birdsall is an author who grew up in Brookfield. Her nephew’s suicide inspired her to write a book about victims of bullying.

Her book is called Double Exposure, and focuses on Alyx, an intersex teen athlete who overcomes bullying to stand in the truth of her personhood.

Birdsall hopes victims read the book and realize that they are not alone, and they should keep talking until someone listens.

For more information about Birdsall and her book visit: www.bridgetbirdsall.com

You can also follow her on twitter at @BridgetBirdy3

WTMJ – MIlwaukee Interview Link;http://ow.ly/Is9ld