Writer as Shaman: Transformational Fall Weekend Workshop 

Author Bridget Birdsall Great Anti-bully book Double Exposure Talks More About the Writer as Shaman


Writer as Shaman is a unique experiential contemplative learning opportunity for writers of all levels who long to transcend the world of everyday realities and immerse themselves in the mystical worlds of their muses.

This workshop is about learning to let go and delving deeply into our inner worlds in order to access our own deep resources, especially those hidden from our conscious awareness.

It is about creating a sacred space conducive to inner play, it’s about cultivating our imaginations and sharing our stories.

Most importantly, it is about accessing the power of words to transform our lives. A lofty, but attainable goal, only you can prove to yourself.

Together, we will take ourselves out of ordinary time and leave our computers behind. All you need is your journal and an open mind. Consider setting intentions to write into your own healing, wholeness, vision, or future—the stories you take away will be the stories only you can tell.

What is a Shaman? In healing traditions Shamans are the intermediaries between the human and the spiritual worlds. They are the original tribal healers. Historically they considered the medicine men and women in indigenousness cultures. To treat ailments, to plumb personal mysteries, to explore the hidden caves of our unconsciousness the Shaman travels to other dimensions and identifies imbalances in a person’s soul.

By bringing awareness to our vulnerable truths, personal myths, imprisoned emotions, secret passions, obsessions, illusions and fears, healing occurs organically, and the soul is brought back into balance. In essence, the energetic balance proceeds the physical, emotional or spiritual healing.

How Can a Writer Be a Shaman? Today’s contemplative writing practices can be used to help individuals access their own inner Shaman, higher Source, personal power, energy, and sacred resources, especially those hidden from conscious awareness. Through meditative, contemplative, and experiential writing exercises it is possible to open windows to your own soul stories. With proper alignment of intention, vision, any writer of any age can leverage this tremendous transformational energy. This is where you can dare to dream. This is where you can manifest your own redemptive ending!