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SUNDAYS 2-4 April 24-May 15

2021 Winnebago Street (Shenks Corner) ALLYoga

Madison’s own Arts & Literature Laboratory


Energize, expand and evolve your own unlimited potential. Join Bridget Birdsall to learn how your body and mind can serve your art. Proven techniques to catapult your consciousness and create a profoundly satisfying and creative life!

Each class will include instruction on yoga poses, meditation practices, and writing exercises to evolve and enhance your creative life. You will learn how to influence and empower your own subtle energy fields, known to scientists as morphic fields. You will explore the power of your own mind, imagination, and how your body can support your art. This class is open to ALL adults, whether you are a writer, visual artist, musician, or simply creatively curious, you are welcome to join us.

This is an experiential learning opportunity that will engage your entire being, body, mind and spirit, because ultimately, we learn by doing. From the practical concerns such as working with posture, back and repetitive motion injuries, to exploring new consciousness technologies and tools, you will come away with a solid understanding of how your creative gifts can better serve you, and the world.ALL-Logo-Bridget-Birdsall-Founding-Member