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Diversity amidst Diversity! Check out more video stories!

Thought this New York Times piece was a great snapshot of diversity amidst diversity.

We need people to share their stories and we need to see these kinds of stories represented in young adult and children’s literature.


So that young people know they are NOT alone. These are the stories that just may save a life!

And as Alyx reflects as she stares at a word etched into the backseat of a school bus on page 237 of Double Exposure:

“I stare at the word queer on the seat in front of me. Aren’t we all queer? Different? Odd? Peculiar? Strange? Freaky? Weird? Losers in our own way?”

And aren’t we? Now, be honest.

I knew the moment I read the blurb on the back Double Exposure that my Newbery Award-Winning author, friend, and mentor, Kathi Appelt would agree:

“Told in clear, straightforward prose, this riveting story of Alyx, and the gauntlet she has to run in order to discover who she truly is, shines a brilliant light on the truth that we are all queer in some way. All of us…!”

ALL of US! There is so much beautiful diversity within our diversity, how can we help but recognize the gift that each and every one of us bring to the world, when we find the courage to be really honest with ourselves. No matter what anyone else thinks, or says, or believes, we are all here for a reason and we are all part of this amazing mysterious creation called life.

So please share your stories, and support diverse literature for everyone, especially children and young adults.