Bruce Jenner’s Rocking the World!


I recently watched Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer, and found myself surprised by two things:

The first was when Diane Sawyer mentioned President Obama as the first President to ever actually address “transgender” issues. Bruce’s reply prompted Sawyer to ask if he was a Republican, to which he responded affirmatively.

I felt as surprised as she appeared to be.

My own father is a diehard Republican, and although I know he loves his gay/lesbian daughter, he tunes into a steady diet of conservative radio and television, which tends to label, judge and condemn people who identify as LGBTQ.

Sawyer then asked Jenner if he thought John Boehner and other Republicans in Congress would support his transition. Basically Jenner said, “Sure, why not?”

I want this to be true.

With 17 million people tuning into that interview, it would certainly be a great thing if somehow Jenner’s personal actions could metaphorically manifest a political move toward the middle from the extreme political polarity we’ve experienced in recent years.

The second issue relates to the first, and perhaps, the more important of the two. It was about the way Jenner spoke of his own religious upbringing. What the Bible says about people like him, his behaviors, and how, for him, it simply became obvious that his soul’s need to be himself (or eventually, Herself, though he is still using a male pronoun) usurped his fears and  ironically, seemed to strengthen his faith. In fact, he explained that his transition was perhaps the real work (even more important than winning the decathlon in the Olympics) that God had brought him to Earth to do.

I loved hearing this!

Because I believe this is God’s call to all of us: to be the beautiful unique beings we were created to be and to share our gifts with the world.

I hope this is too is true! And it makes sense is a wild and wonderful way, that this could be part of God’s perfect plan, to change the minds and open the hearts on all sides of this issue.

Thank you, Bruce. Keep ROCKING the WORLD!

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