YA Book Explores Strange-bedfellows: Spirituality and Homosexuality

Just finish reading Alex Sanchez’s YA novel called “The God Box.” A well-written, and in my opinion, important book that explores the intersection of spirituality and homosexuality. It is the story of a young man Paul/Pablo, coming to terms with, and finding the intersection between, his faith and his sexuality. In the end, after almost turning away from love, God, and himself, Paul discovers the true definition of love.
Anyone, of any age, who has struggled with the varied and confusing messages and interpretations of the Bible, and what it means to be a Christian, will find Sanchez’s prose realistic, authentic, and accurate. For young people, queer or straight, being raised in Christian households, especially those whose religious beliefs are fundamental and sin-based in nature, this book may serve as a literary balm for hardened hearts. As Paul’s Abuelita (Grandmother) explains, the Bible was intended to be, not a tool of condemnation, “not a wedge… but a bridge … the greatest LOVE story ever told.”

One thought

  1. This sounds like a wonderful, much needed book! (And one of the reasons I love YA novels… that they have the courage to speak to what seem like such strange bedfellows, but that often intersect in people’s lives.) Thanks for the recommendation!

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