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Broke my hand yesterday, rushing to yoga, so I could get grounded. It seems so apropos that I should begin my new blog now. I’ve already discovered that a broken hand is similar to my struggles with dyslexia. This gift has already slowed me down and I suspect when I start moving too fast in the future, will do so again. Pain is a good motivator. It helps remind me to breathe and to look at the whole picture. Therefore, my entries will be forced to be short and sweet, because they’re being recorded on my iPhone – a great and wondrous tool of the technological age. Another hand, so to speak. So please feel free to tune in and join me as I post short reflections on books, art and spirit. And of course, thank you for taking your time to read my work. I look forward to you sharing your stories with me. As that famous writer once said, “Dog bless us, everyone.”

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  1. susasilvermarie

    Bridge! The world needs these musings from you. Great initiation! love Susa

    1. bridgetbirdsall

      thank you my friend and i just signed up to follow you i think!

  2. Jef

    Ouch! I shall light the Elvis candle and send you healing thoughts, Bridget. I hope you’re healed before the Lambda Writers Retreat. See you in Los Angeles!

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