Double Exposure

An intersex teen athlete learns how to stand in the power of her personhood.

Fifteen-year-old Alyx Atlas was raised as a boy, but she knows something others don’t: she’s a girl. Born intersex, Alyx has always questioned her gender identity and struggled to fit in. But soon after her dad dies, she sustains a terrible beating from her classmates, and she decides she can’t live as a boy any longer. She and her mother move from California to Wisconsin to start a new life, and Alyx begins again, this time as a girl.

Alyx quickly earns a spot on the girls’ varsity basketball team, and for the first time in her life she feels like she fits in. But as the team racks up one victory after another and the state championship approaches, a jealous teammate sets her sights on Alyx. Hotheaded and fiercely competitive, Pepper Pitmani is sure Alyx is keeping a secret, which Pepper is determined to reveal. If she succeeds, the truth could destroy Alyx’s one shot – not just to take home the trophy with her team but to live as her true self.

Honest, raw, and uplifting, Double Exposure is for every teen who’s longed to be seen, struggled to find the courage to be different, or dared to face adversity head-on.

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Ordinary Angels

A novel based on a true story.

A story of survival, hope, and the enduring bonds of siblings beyond death.

Hal is dead. No one saw what happened. No one will talk about it, but 12-year-old May O’Malley blames herself. She is the oldest. Her job is to keep her siblings safe. Dad counts on her when he’s working second shift at the slaughterhouse, or when mother goes crazy.

Now Hal is dead. And May knows what her father is thinking. He’s thinking that if they just move out of Pig Valley, away from brewery whistles, belching smokestacks and the smell of all this death. Then Mother will calm down, and everything will be okay. Or, will it?

As May soon learns, the unspoken bonds forged between siblings cannot easily be severed. Not by time, or a move to the suburbs, or even by death itself. And in the world that bridges the physical and the spiritual May begins to trust what she knows, and she knows Mr. Novak did not kill her brother.

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