Ordinary Angels

No one saw what happened. No one will talk about it. But 2-year-old Hal is dead. Whose fault is it? Within a volatile and unpredictable family, May O’Mally, the oldest of six siblings, must come to terms with her own guilt, as well as the mysterious connection she forges with her deceased baby brother.

Ordinary Angels is a story of survival, hope, and the enduring bond of siblings—beyond death. Available now in Kindle ebook format and paperback edition.

A personal note

It took forty years to write this book and when I started it was as if I could not stop. As if a river of grief had welled up in my heart and burst in my brain. All I could see was my brother’s body, the gash on his forehead showing the softness of his skull, not fully formed at three years old.

Without knowing what happened and without clear memories, writing a memoir seemed impossible, so I chose to write a novel, and let my character’s do the talking. As they spoke, my brother did too, often waking me in the night and sending me to the keyboard. There the words for this book flew from my fingers, and began to heal my life.

Chapter One of Ordinary Angels

Please enjoy this reading of the first chapter of Ordinary Angels, narrated by the author.